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Backcountry Poncho

Backcountry Poncho

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The Backcountry Poncho utilitarian two-pocket 4 button design serves you in the field and at the campsite. The Backcountry Poncho simple design is cozy and an elegant statement when worn formally, or useful and unassuming at the campsite. Tucked into your mummy bag, the Backcountry Poncho adds an incredible warm gaiter on a cool night’s sleep. Lay the Backcountry Poncho flat as a picnic blanket or shooting blanket. Stow your rounds and spent cartridges into the oversized pockets, keep your steel off the ground in wild shooting environments. Roll it and stow it and remember the Backcountry Poncho waiting to serve you. 

Additional Notes:
Available in all of our high grade wools. Please note that different colors have different weights. 

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